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5 Benefits of Green Janitorial Products for Commercial Offices

Janitor Cleaning Office Corridor
When hiring a commercial janitorial service, consider the benefits of a service that uses green janitorial products. Green janitorial products are environmentally friendly and low–volatile organic compound (VOC). Here are some key benefits to consider.

1. Green Janitorial Products Are More Affordable

In general, green products tend to be made out of natural products, such as vinegar. These products are just as effective at cleaning as other products, but because they aren't special chemical formulations, they aren't as expensive.
The ingredients for green janitorial products tend to be more visible and available, so you’ll know exactly what’s in them. The same cannot be said for many non-green cleaning products. If you use green cleaning supplies, you’ll know exactly what safety precautions to take and which you can skip, which saves you time and money.

2. Green Janitorial Products Are Healthier

Green products healthier because they are formulated to be safer for the environment. Other cleaning products may be overly acidic or even toxic — either causing damage to people when they touch them or when they inhale them.
Many harsh cleaners can harm the environment when they enter into the ecosystem, which they often do through water runoff. If you avoid these products, you’ll keep your office and the outside world safer.
If your office has individuals with asthma, breathing problems, or skin sensitivities, then green products are also less likely to cause a reaction. Thus, for larger offices with many varied individual health needs, green janitorial products are often better. This also protects those who enter into your office. That's not just employees, but it's also customers, service animals, and the children of customers that may be particularly vulnerable to harsh chemicals. 

3. Green Janitorial Products Promote a Positive Company Culture

If your company prides itself on helping the environment, saving energy, and lowering pollution, then green janitorial products will fit right into company culture. Many businesses promote their green operations as a way of building faith with the community. Many customers look specifically for green companies.
By using green products, a company can also put a focus on environmental-friendliness throughout the office. This will improve initiatives such as recycling, water conservation, and general conservation of resources. Employees can see that the business is committed to its environmentally friendly culture and will respond in turn.

4. Green Janitorial Products Are Gentler on Offices

Because green products are less likely to be harsh or acidic, they are also gentler on your offices. That means that carpets, upholstery, and even paint that is cleaned with a green janitorial product will be less likely to get damaged, faded, or dulled over time. You’ll save money on replacing office furniture and surfaces if you use these gentle products instead of harsh commercial cleaners.

5. Green Janitorial Products Are Good at Cleaning

Green janitorial products are just as good at cleaning as harsher chemicals. While many may think that harsh chemicals are better cleaners, these chemicals can also damage the surface of materials over time. Consequently, over time, materials will get dirtier faster because the damaged surfaces will pick up dirt and stains more often. Alternately, green janitorial products will not only clean the surface now but ensure that the surface will look cleaner for longer. 
A green janitorial service isn't just about using green products. Green janitorial services work to reduce the amount of water they use when cleaning and ensure that nothing harmful gets into the environment in general. For more information about the benefits of a commercial, green service, contact the experts at Industrial Cleaning Equipment & Supply. We’re ready to help your office stay clean without damaging anyone’s health or the environment.