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Cleaning Equipment: Rent or Buy?

floor stripper/polisher
A quality cleaning supply company will often have the option of renting or purchasing the equipment that they have to offer. Both options have various benefits for your business, no matter how large or small. Here are some tips so you can make an informed decision about renting or purchasing equipment:


Renting equipment and supplies is a great option for products that you may not use very often. For example, if your business rarely is called for water clean-up, then renting a water recovery or recycle system may be the best answer. Renting is also a great option for businesses that are just starting out, and may not have the facility or storage space to hold a large volume of equipment. Renting is also a beneficial option because the company will service, repair or replace the equipment you are using at no cost.


If your company is more established, with several employees and many clients, then it will be more convenient to purchase your own equipment. Purchasing equipment will also give you the ability to handle emergency calls, without having to rent a vital product right before an appointment. Having your own equipment is also best if you use a particular product or service more often. If most of your customers request pressure washing, then purchasing pressure washers as well as the accompanying accessories and tools would work best.
No matter if you are buying or purchasing equipment, you want to make sure you get the supplies you need from a trusted and well-respected equipment and supply company. For some of the best cleaning products in South Florida, contact Industrial Cleaning Equipment & Supply today.