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Guide to Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Supplies

As a business owner, part of your responsibility is to the environment where your patrons live. One way that you can help protect the environment is by using industrial cleaning supplies that will not do any harm to the water, air, or ground in the area.
If you’re in need of industrial cleaning supplies and you’re considering investing in environmentally friendly options, then you need to know what to look for when you shop for your supplies.

Avoid Common Ingredients That Are Not Environmentally Friendly

The first thing you want to check is what is in the product. Many of the common ingredients in cleaning products can be toxic to the environment, animals, and people. Make sure that the supplies you are using do not contain anything dangerous.
For example, ammonia, bleach, and phosphates are often found in cleaning products. While these chemicals do help get things clean, they are also dangerous. As these chemicals go down the drain, and into the sewer system, they can either seep into the groundwater or end up at the water treatment plant.
Petroleum products and phthalates are also common ingredients and should be avoided. Petroleum may also be listed as surfactants, while phthalates may be listed as fragrances. When not properly removed at the water treatment plant, surfactants may end up in the water table and cause damage to aquatic flora and fauna.

Misleading Labels

You will see many products that are labeled as "non-toxic," "natural," or even "eco-friendly." Even with labels like this, it is still wise to investigate and take the time to read the rest of the label, including the ingredient list. In addition, look for words like "corrosive," "irritant," or "warning" anywhere on the label. If you are in doubt, write down the ingredients and research them.
It is best to wait until you are sure about what is in a product before purchasing it. You may want to spend a day at the store writing down ingredients and then researching them. Do this before you are in need of supplies so you can then buy the products you know are safe.

Consider Using Alternative Cleaning Projects

Many alternative cleaning products are environmentally friendly, however, many of these cleaners are not generally labeled as cleansers. As more people become environmentally conscious these cleaning products are being added to cleaners or used independently. Look for ingredients like vinegar, washing soda, borax, or citrus juice. You can also buy these cleaning supplies and test them to see how you like them.

Consider Using Enzyme Cleaners

In an industrial situation, you may have dirt and grease problems that require a heavy-duty cleaner. Enzymes are the best choice for this type of cleaning project when you are trying to be eco-friendly.  These cleansers are completely natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Enzymes will break down the grease, even when it is thick or baked on.
Look for chemicals like amylase, protease, or lipase on the ingredient list.

Avoid "Anti-Bacterial" Soaps and Cleaners

When shopping for soaps or cleansers, you should avoid buying those labeled as "anti-bacterial." While they may not be damaging to the environment themselves, these cleaners do cause bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics. This will allow disease-causing bacteria to grow and multiply in the water, the ground, and even people.
While it might seem like going green is difficult, it will only be hard when making the switch. Once you have exchanged all your old cleaning supplies for your new, safer supplies, everything will go on as normal.
In addition, once you’ve switched to eco-friendly cleaning supplies, your business can advertise the fact that you only use safe cleaning products. This will appeal to many consumers and increase your business. People like to know that the companies they do business with care about their patrons. Furthermore, using safe cleaning products will help keep your employees healthy.
If you’re looking for environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, contact the experts at Industrial Cleaning Equipment & Supply.