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What to Know About Eco-Friendly Cleaning Misconceptions

Eco-friendly cleaning products
Many companies and residential property owners are moving to an eco-friendly plan for cleaning. This means looking for cleaning equipment and supply services that offer eco-friendly products.
The issue with changing cleaning plans is that most company owners and property owners may not fully know what eco-friendly cleaning means. Here are a few of the misconceptions regarding eco-friendly cleaning products and supplies, as well as what you should know about them.

Eco-Friendly Is Natural

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding eco-friendly cleaning supplies is that the label means they are natural. The truth is, eco-friendly and natural are drastically different. The eco-friendly label actually refers to how the cleaning supply reacts when it enters into the environment and water system. The label also may refer to the packaging and not the chemical itself.
For example, you may have an all-purpose cleaner that is labeled as eco-friendly or green. These words may refer to the packaging being either biodegradable or compostable. The label may also refer to the cleaner breaking down in the water system and not causing a harmful reaction once mixed with other chemicals that may also be in dumped into the water system prior to water waste processing.

Eco-Friendly Cleaners Disinfect

If you are used to using supplies that disinfect, then you may believe the eco-friendly alternative does the same job. The truth is, you need to check the manufacturer's label to ensure the level of disinfection the product will supply.
Cleaning supplies like bleach that may be used to kill bacteria in places like hospitals and daycare environments. Though the EPA has stated that eco-friendly bleach alternatives disinfect on the same level as bleach, you may still want to go with eco-friendly options for other reasons.
For example, bleach can cause fumes that connect to breathing issues. Bleach can also be very toxic to pets and children. Keep in mind, not all eco-friendly cleaners do disinfect, so checking the labels is vital if disinfection is a requirement.

Eco-Friendly Products Are More Expensive

One of the reasons that many businesses and property owners stay away from eco-friendly cleaning supplies is due to a misconception regarding prices. There is a misconception that eco-friendly products are vastly more expensive than traditional cleaning. The truth is, most eco-friendly cleaning supplies are the same price or only slightly more expensive than traditional cleaning options.
Most eco-friendly products are concentrated, which means that you are buying a cleaning product that is in smaller packaging and offers you more use than the non-concentrated traditional options. Though the price may look higher at first glance, the product is made for more uses that can save you money in the end.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies Aren't Always Available

You may have several different cleaning needs. These needs likely range from public bathroom areas to kitchen areas. A variety of areas requires a variety of cleaners. The misconception is that there are not enough eco-friendly cleaning supplies and those supplies that are there are not always available.
The truth to this misconception is that most eco-friendly companies do offer all-purpose cleaning supplies. So even though you may not find a specific bathroom cleaner, the all-purpose that is available will work in bathrooms as well as kitchens and other areas. All-purpose cleaners lead to fewer product purchases, less waste from those purchases, and the ability to clean all the areas you need to reach.
By keeping these misconceptions and the truth regarding them in mind, you can make a better choice about the kind of cleaning services you want to request. If you are ready to order cleaning supplies for your needs, contact Industrial Cleaning Equipment & Supply. We can help you with products, pricing, and ordering.